GIS Spatial Analyst and Model Builder Project

Owning your small business is a part of the American Dream. I also have a dream of creating one. I have decided to choose the fitness industry because I believe it can directly help people to achieve their health and fitness goals, live healthier, and more productive lives. The small business that I am determined to open is a fitness center (health club).

First thought you can get from analyzing my choice could be: “Aren’t there too many fitness centers all around already?” I would say, no, not enough, not everywhere. If we look at the American nation as a whole we can see that there is more obesity than ever before, more heart disease, more cancer sufferers, and more children that have overweight problems but don’t have physical education or fitness classes at school, and also more senior citizens that are deconditioned.

Guided Group Outdoor Cycling would be one of the main differentiations on a distinctive competence, which our health club will be uniquely providing in comparison to our competitors. We will provide great routes and support from our trained leaders. Guided Group Outdoor Cycling will be unique with its best routes, top notch gear and bikes, friendliest support, and some amazing places to visit along the way. With our three different levels, there is something for everyone – whether our customers aim to build their confidence or look to stretch their legs on a cycling challenge.

For such type of business that I wish to open a key consideration is its location. The GIS analysis that I will do in this project will determine exact areas and even generate the list of addresses for the best location of my new business in Washington, D.C. Since I will not have a network of prospective customers’ e-mails or phones (to market my business) I will perform the analysis of areas with the targeted audience to which we could send direct mail campaign for marketing our Grand Opening.

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